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Meet Our Standard Poodles



Standard Poodle

Ella is our beautiful Apricot/Cream Standard Poodle with a soft, slightly curly coat. She lives nearby with our adult daughter getting to play and run daily in her large yard with her friends Georgina and Tilley Lou aka Lou. Ella is a very smart and well behaved girl. She is friends with everyone in the neighborhood, known for her gentle and playful nature, highly in tune and a good judge of character. Ella is 43 lbs.

Ella's Health Testing

More Pictures of Ella


Standard Poodle

Andre is our 58 lbs Red Standard Poodle, cuddly gentle giant. His energetic and playful spirit has made him a wonderful addition to our family. Andre is highly intelligent and loves to please, making his training a breeze and true joy to watch him as he’s grown into quite the charming gentleman.

Andre's Health Testing

More Pictures of Andre



Standard Poodle

Winston is our wonderful 48 lbs Standard Poodle, AKC registered UKC championed sire. He has the most beautiful thick and coarse cream and silver coat, highly intelligent and eager to learn new tricks or show off his skills to any willing audience.

Winston's Health Testing 

More Pictures of Winston


Georgina (aka Georgie Girl)

Standard Poodle

Georgie girl is a Red Parti-Factor Standard Poodle weighing 58 lbs. She lives nearby with our adult daughter where she loves playing with her friends Tilley Lou and Ella every day. Georgie has a spectacular temperament, playful when appropriate but very gentle, affectionate and mellow. 

Georgie's Health Testing

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Tilley Lou

Standard Poodle

Our beautiful Black Standard Poodle Tilley Lou aka Lou has a gorgeous rich coat and calm, sweet temperament. Lou is 39 lbs and lives nearby with our adult daughter where she gets to run and play with her friends Ella and Georgie. Lou loves to have her belly rubbed, give kisses and is smarter than most of her human friends!

Lou's Health Testing 

More Pictures of Tilley Lou


Standard Poodle

Garth is a 60lb jolly Red Standard Poodle gentleman. He is all legs and loves to hug. He is a social butterfly and loves to greet everyone he meets. He has always liked to impress everyone with his special tricks or just his smile!

Garth's Health Testing

More Pictures of Garth



Standard Poodle

Lay-Lah is our Apricot and White Parti-Factor Standard Poodle weighing 48 lbs. She is incredibly smart, a quick learner and has a calm, loving temperament. She loves to run and play ball outside with Winston and Andre, but equally enjoys snuggling up on the couch with Chuck & I. 

Lay-Lah's Health Testing

More Pictures of Lay-Lah


Standard Poodle

Our beautiful 50lb red TaDah is best known for the pop of white color shaped as an upside down heart right over his chest. He loves to explore all the various places by plane, car and water, enjoys hiking the trails with his two-legged and four-legged friends alike and has never met anyone he doesn't want to be friends with. After each busy day full of adventures, TaDah is content to curl up next to you for his cuddles and is one of the most loyal companions for sure. 

TaDah's Health Testing 

More Pictures of TaDah

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