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Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions...
Please read all the way to the end before submitting your application. We understand our application and selection process is not the best fit for everyone looking to add a new puppy to their home, however, this is how we best ensure the safety of our puppies and our poodle moms and dads.  

How much are your poodles and what does that include?

Regardless of gender, markings and color, pricing is stated in the description on our "Current Litters" page. Before pick-up day, all of our puppies have been examined by our veterinarian, microchipped and have received their age appropriate vaccinations and de-worming. Our puppies also come with a one year health guarantee and our lifetime support to help you along the way. Please review our sample Sales Agreement and Guarantee for additional details regarding our one year health guarantee.

I am interested in your poodles. What is the next step?

The first step is to review our "Current Litters" page for more information regarding any upcoming litters we are accepting applications for consideration. If we are accepting applications, the next step would be to review all of the FAQs listed on this page, and then to download/complete our required application if you wish to be considered. We use this as our initial point of contact for all interested potential individuals/families. Once we receive a completed application, if it seems like it may be a good fit, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview. The phone interview will give you an opportunity to ask us any additional questions you may have and it also gives us an opportunity to ask you any questions we may have about you and/or your family.


If there is no link listed here to download our application, it means we are not accepting applications at this time. We do not maintain a wait list, as we are looking for the best fitting forever home for each of our puppies, rather than the most available or eager. Any time we have a confirmed litter, we will post an announcement under our "Current Litters" page with detailed information.

What happens after the phone interview?

If you are selected as one of the best fitting forever homes for one of our puppies, we will notify you by email following our phone interview. You will also receive our deposit agreement for review and completion within 24-hours if you are interested in moving forward with joining our extended Poo Perfect Poodles Family. You will be added to our waiting list once we have received your deposit and signed deposit agreement. Unfortunately, we cannot hold a puppy selection slot for you until we have received your deposit and completed deposit agreement. Please carefully review our sample deposit agreement prior to submitting an application. 

How much is your deposit/holding fee?

A $500 non-refundable deposit/holding fee is required in order to reserve a puppy from one of our litters. This fee is credited towards your final payment. If for any reason you do not find the perfect fitting forever family member during your selection appointment, this deposit can be transferred to a future litter. Please review our sample deposit agreement for more information regarding our deposit terms.

I have a confirmed spot for a puppy from your litter with paid deposit. Are you going to be selecting my puppy for me?

We feel that adding a new family member is a very important and personal decision and we do NOT choose the puppy for you. Families are welcomed in to our home one at a time by scheduled appointment to choose their puppy around 6-weeks of age. Selection appointments are scheduled in the order that your spot was confirmed. The only exception to this would be if you live too far away to select your own puppy, we can make alternate arrangements privately to assist with selection remotely, at your request.

Do you require spay/neutering?

Yes. Our poodles are for companionship only. Our Sales Agreement and Guarantee requires mandatory spay/neutering and proof of the procedure must be provided after veterinarian has completed.

Can I come visit the poodles before deciding whether or not I am interested in applying?

Unfortunately, no. We do not allow visitors in our home due to the high risk of infection for the puppies. We go above and beyond to keep our website and Facebook Page updated with videos and current pictures in effort to help you see our poodles and our alumni as they grow in their forever homes. For approved applicants with deposit agreement, you will receive weekly picture and video updates to be able to follow along as the puppies grow. Once the puppies are 6-weeks old, we open our home for pre-scheduled selection appointments with one applicant/family and their immediate family members allowed at a time only. 

Can you hold my puppy longer for me? I am not available during pick-up weekend.

We do our best to provide you with puppy pick-up dates as far in advance of pick-up weekend as possible. Because of the all-consuming process of raising puppies in the manner we do and the increasing intensity as they get older, we are not able to hold your puppy after pick-up weekend. If you will not be available, please consider applying for a future litter instead.

I live out of state. Can you ship my puppy?

Due to safety concerns, we do not ship/fly any of our puppies. We do have a very trustworthy East Coast ground transporter who can be booked at your own expense and deliver your pup door to door.

How big will the puppies get?

While it is impossible to predict the exact size, on average our girls are usually between 40-48lbs and our boys are usually between 50-58lbs, unless otherwise noted in our available puppy description of our "Current Litters" page. 

How many times per year do you have puppies?

Generally, we have two or three standard poodle litters per year.

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